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Doug N.     VA7QZ        - Repeater grant application & RDEK communications            
Randy M.   VE7CRX      -  Technical work, advice & repeater installation            
Dan C .       VE7MRP     -  volunteer helper            
Dave W.     VE7DLS      - volunteer helper            
Gavin j        VE7GSJ       -  volunteer helper            
Jeff X.         VA7BAJ       -  volunteer helper            
Claude O.  VE7NQ         -  volunteer helper

                                              DATE  D /Mo/Yr            
Agreement to apply for a repeater upgrade through RDEK                        10/02/18                    
VE7CRX & VA7QZ to take project responsibility                                          14/04/18            
Volunteer Repeater Committee formed                                                      14/04/18            
Last formal EKARC meeting due to Covid restrictions                                 08/02/20            
Repeater Equipment Purchase approved and ordered                               13/04/19            
Mt Baker repeater setup and operating off mountain top                          12/10/19            
Extension of project granted from RDEK                                                     05/08/20            
Mt Baker equipment installed on mountain top                                          05/09/20

1. Meeting Called to Order   (Doug N.) organize, chair, & appoint minutes taker).
2. Reports:     VE7CRX            
1. Technical work accomplished in setting up repeater equipment.     VE7CRX            
2. Technical issues yet to be completed (Baker and Thompson)     VA7QZ                
3. Grant status and RDEK expectations of the EKARC.     VA7QZ              
4. Controller issues: software malfunction.     VE7GSJ & VE7NQ  
5. Invermere repeater status and future.  Motion?
3. Setup and “burn in” of the Thompson repeater at VE7KPB’s Garage Motion:
That VE7KPB’s offer of his location be accepted and that a full functioning Thompson repeater be installed and successfully operated prior to the mountain top installation.
4.  Committee operation concerns:     VE7MRP  
1. Committee volunteers are not being informed and utilized            
Suggested Motion:  
Whereas committee volunteers are both willing and eager to be involved with the setup, adjustment and installation of EKARC repeaters on Mt Baker and Mt Thompson, be it resolved that committee members be, as much as allowed within Covid19 restrictions, included in all future repeater activities.
5.  Volunteer member to be “Committee Communications Officer”
6.         ADJOURN


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