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meeting held 2021-MAR-23.

Attendees: Gavin, Ken MacDonald, Lance, Ken Betenia, Shane Dye, Dan Cameron, Jeff Pollock, Jeff Curtis, Kevin Lewis, Doug Newberry

1. Creston Repeater (VE7RCA) - Thompson Mtn
Doug gave the status of the Repeater Replace project (Grant from RDEK).
Ken commented on the Correspondence with Kit Santano from Swift Internet.
Swift has offered to move our antennas from their current location, to another tower on the same site. Ken will write back to accept the offer and suggest a slight variation; to wit: we mount our new antennae on the other tower, and remove our existing antennae from the site. Ken will ask for 2 weeks notice of when that might happen, but it will likely be June or July. In the event that 2 weeks notice is not possible, we should prep our new antennae for installation and be ready to deliver them to Swift. The new repeater equipment is temporarily operating at Ken Betenia's home location. Plan is to install that equipment during the same trip as the Swift visit. Crew will consist of 2 - 4 EKARC members - exact names TBD. Numerous details to be worked out:
- antenna mounting brackets
- coax cable terminations
- crew
- logistics
Issues will be addressed and details worked out by a future meeting of the Repeater Committee, after the AGM.

2. Invermere/Fairmont Repeater (VE7RIN) - Mt. Lyttle
Gavin gave a status report on the search for an alternate location. We have found some possible sites, but there are pros and cons to each.
With the passing of Claude Oram (VE7NQ), Lance will arrange a meeting with Claude's wife Ralene (sp?) to obtain the keys to the shack and other club equipment that needs to be kept at the site.
Gavin will set up a meeting with the First Nations Band to advise them of the change of contact person.

3. Cranbrook Repeater (VE7CAP) - Mt. Baker
Doug advised that the repeater firmware and configuration should be updated. A trip to the site will be scheduled after the AGM.

4. Sparwood Repeater (VE7RSQ) - Sparwood Ridge
The repeater on Sparwood Ridge is not owned by EKARC. It was set up by a Sparwood based club. The UHF link goes from Baker to Morrissey Ridge, to the repeater on Sparwood Ridge. No tasks required in the immediate future.

Thanks to all for your attendance & input.



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