East Kootenay Amateur Radio Club

Barbeque and Meeting Held at VE7LOC QTH.
17 members present 8 non Members
Chair VE7LOC


MINUTES:MOTION: Adopt the minutes of the previous meeting as read.Moved VE7RWD    Seconded VE7RXC


OLD BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES: Ø  Assets of the club have been moved from VE7CRJ’s QTH to VE7RCX, VE7LOC, & VE7TED’s and need to be reduced if we can by selling off if we don’t need them.Ø  A  UHF repeater has been acquired to replace the MSR2000 on Baker mountain trunk and will be installed when the weather allows.  LOC will coordinate people needed to accomplish this.Ø  A computer for radio communications at the Cranbrook EOC will be purchased from Genius Computers for $400.  Moved by VE7ERG, Seconded by VE7RWD, Carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: VE7NEKJune Financial Statement·        
Cash On Hand                        $0000.00·        
Maximizer account      $2499.82·        
KSCU Term                $5110.50·        
Shares                          $    25.00·        
Tangerine Savings       $Closed out·        
Total                            $7635.32  

MOTION: Accept the Treasurer’s report as presented by VE7NEK, Seconded VE7KFR

NEW BUSINESS:Ø  An inventory of club assets will be worked onØ  Sunday morning net will continue with remaining controllers and new volunteer VE7RXC.Ø  A meeting will be scheduled for the Kingsgate Creston area in August to attract potential new members from the area.Ø  Summer picnic will be held in late August.

MOTION: Adjourn.  Moved VE7TED


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