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Present:   VA7WN and Spouse, VE7LOC, VE7MRP, VE7TED, VA7ZYQ, VE7DNG and guest Tom Haverko.

Meeting called to order:
 at 2:06 PM by VE7LOC

Adoption of the agenda
: Item 7 under New Business added regarding RDEK    emergency communication center. Motioned by TED, Seconded by MRP...Carried

Sick or injured amateurs:  LOC updated the group that NEK’s surgery went well and    that he is expected to remain in the hospital in Calgary for at least 2 weeks.

Minutes of December meeting:  Minutes read by DNG. No errors or omissions noted.     Motioned by DNG, seconded by ZYQ.  Carried

Business arising from the minutes: Nil.

Correspondence:  Nil

Financial Report:  LOC read the report and submitted it. No questions raised.


Get well card. Discussion was held regarding sending a card and appropriate gift with a reasonable cost to NEK. Motioned by TED, second ZYQ, Carried. LOC will look after the details.2.    

Thursday Net report. Group discussed and it was noted that the number of check ins have not increased since the day change. The group agreed to continue with the Net Thursday night at 8:00 PM local.3.    

Creston repeater: Seems to be functioning fine. DNG explained an issue that K7ELM was having with accessing the IRLP node. LOC will discuss with CRX and see what may be occurring.4.    

Report on Thursday/Sunday Net: See Item 2.5.    

Election of officers for next year’s term:   LOC opened the nominations for the executive: President: VE7LOC nominated by DNG. LOC accepted the nomination. Secretary: VE7DNG nominated by LOC. DNG accepted nomination. Treasurer: VE7NEK nominated by TED. Acceptance pending. Election will be held at the April 2017 AGM.6.    

Club Computers: LOC explained to the group, the club has obtained 5 Panasonic Tuff Book computers. NEK became aware that the RCMP had several of these computers declared surplus and submitted a letter on behalf of the club. Plans are to add various amateur related programs and lend them out to various users. These computers can never be sold.7.    

RDEK Emergency Communication Center: DNG briefed the group that had been approached by Bill Barger to see if he would be interested in seeing the center and possibly become the emergency communication coordinator. LOC, ZYQ and TED supplied the group on the background of the club’s involvement with the center. VE7CRJ had been the previous coordinator and was instrumental in setting up the center. LOC suggested that DNG become the new coordinator. DNG said he would report back to the club once he has seen the site and understands what RDEK’s expectations are. MRP mentioned there was numerous sources of funding available for equipment. VA7WN also recounted some experiences he had in Richmond during emergency responses.

Meeting adjourned:  at 3:09 PM by VA7ZYQ

NEXT MEETING:   Coffee meeting March 11, 2017                                
AGM April 08, 2017


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