East Kootenay Amateur Radio Club

Present:   VA7ZIP, VE7LOC, VE7EET, VE7RXC, VE7CRJ, VE7KFR, VA7CSH, VE7NEK, VE7RWD, VE7GZ, VE7CXR, VE7XNZ, VE7MOS, VE7DLR, VE7TLJ, VA7WN, and new member Jed Phillips

Guests: 2, Annette Macdonald, and Linda Livingston

Meeting called to order:
 at 6:30 PM by VE7LOC

Sick or injured amateurs:  NEK gave a quick update on Bev Morley

NEK reported only correspondence is the insurance bill for Mt Baker repeater site. Moved to new business.

Adoption of Minutes of Oct 14, 2017 meeting:  As circulated: Minutes moved by KFR. Seconded by EET. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Dec Balance   2014.67
Term deposit 5067.50
Total 7107.17
Adoption of treasurers report moved by VE7NEK Seconded by VE7MOS carried                                    

Business arising from the minutes
Check for $589.75 was issued to RAC for Liability Insurance

New Business: Nil   Meeting adjourned:  at 7:00 PM by NEK

NEXT MEETING:   Jan13, 2018 2:00 PM for a social meeting at the Shop of VE7LOC  


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