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21 members and spouses attended, previous meeting minutes and financials were available but not dealt with at the meeting.

1.  Liability Insurance.          
Motion: that payment be made in the amount of $552.75 for liability insurance                              
2.  Creston Repeater travel costs.
Motion: that VE7DYE, VE7NEK and VE7CRX be reimbursed for travel expenses to repair repeater VE7RCA in the form of 1 year club membership and other surplus club equipment as agreed upon with each by the President and Secretary / Treasurer.                    
3.  Yaesu Repeater          
Motion: that President and Treasurer be authorized to investigate and purchase a Yaesu advertised repeater controller to an amount of $700.
4.  Report on Thursday/Sunday Net.
5.  Nominations of officers for next years term, elections in February, installation at AGM meeting in April.

6.  Lifetime Membership          

Motion: that in recognition of out-standing dedication and long-time service to the EKARC, VE7CRJ and VE7KFR be given life-time membership in the EKARC.

A certificate was presented.

Meeting ajourned


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